just a thought on conspiracy vs anti-conspiracy

i was going to post this on tumblr but it broke. ah well. what this anti-conspiracy leftish crowd seems to be defining as conspiracy is a very popular media fueled version. eg “They are doing x BECAUSE” (they want to control this or that aspect of you just because) this is wrong because the most […]


representation and media history in context with #BringBackOurGirls

ok i just want to lay down a couple of things i’ve looked at, not very in depth to a degree i can speak on at length mind you, about the situation in american context over the kidnapped Nigerian girls. here are a couple of posts whose framework i agree with in how lefts generally view this call. but […]


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surveillance and privacy under patriarchy or why (some) feminists are right

when Twitter became more abuzz with concerns of the “surveillance state” a few years ago, i noticed how concentrated this was among males of a left-ish variety, including libertarian, anarchist, and progressive types. as i like to do, i made some snide remarks toward this trend. first of all i find “surveillance state” to be […]

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class consciousness

the other day i got into a conversation (debate, whatever) with @Damn_Jehu (therealmovement on wordpress) which actually started out as an objection to what he had to say about Marx and Engel’s views on the supposed interests that the ruling class and working class(es) share. some further thought on this reveal a synthesis of two of […]

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commodified-porn-everything in militarized society

also posted on my tumblr blog in case you ever venture toward that part of the internet… i really do hate the attachment of the word “-porn” to describe everything from scandalously photographed food to filtered images of galaxies and photos of cute animals, etc. i do have exceptions to my rule here — if we think of […]

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ideological non-belief

here is an argument, dutifully employed by those whom, i think, have good intentions in their actions in working toward an equality or equity for all: “if god is [omniscient, all-powerful, loving, not psychotic, not a sociopath, and so on], then why doesn’t [usually he] do anything about the state of the world?” and then, […]

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brand x: same as it ever was

when we say americans do this or believe that, who do we actually mean? well typically, i think it’s the “target demographic” whether consciously alluded to or not, ie, white men of varying classes, really, whatever ages — 18-34 they say, but how can we pinpoint this when hollywood yearns to keep bringing back old […]

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