video: informed criticism on Noam Chomsky, 9/11 intel conspiracy-mongering versus structural understanding and ruling class ambitions, and more

James Corbett is someone whose work i respect although his voluntaryism seems inimical to coordinated resistance en masse, and i truly don’t understand how such an educated and intellectually curious guy can develop such weird ideas on feminism. i mean i can imagine, i just find it very unfortunate for him and what he attempts […]

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mainstream comedy is dangerous in its banality, and Amy Schumer’s role is neither funny nor feminist

western mainstream comedy is shocking for the simple fact that it is so unfunny. the dancing bears propped up to entertain seem to base their entire acts on their entitlement alone. take for instance Amy Schumer’s appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show in April: Schumer’s entire routine here revolves around being naked on the cover of […]

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the weird scenes inside our heads

this is one of the better interviews of Dave McGowan on his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. i like the way the host leads viewers to conclusions that some have told me are hard for them to grasp when reading the evidence itself. McGowan has stated many times that he thinks there was a coordinated operation […]

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programming, continued

i appreciate a sentiment i’ve seen here and there around the net, even if it’s not as fully explored as i would like, that on a larger scale music industry puppets influence their fans more than politicians or pundits do. and with the very obviously controlled scene of the 21st century, this seems to be […]

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slow motion bombs

content/trigger warning for drug use and very graphic descriptions of child abuse and murder. i am going to continue where i left off on my last post on programming, but feeling the need to write this has been prompted by another sort i have subjected myself to, that being the first season of True Detective. it’s become […]

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overall i’m sick to death of news cycles, of the work it takes to pry oneself away from the quickness with which new issues and discussions are presented to us. your twitter feed, no matter how carefully curated, has also been capitalized on in this regard. it largely doesn’t matter who you follow because of […]


poverty of thought inspired by Democracy Now

as any good liberal playacting-as-leftist is to do in the states, i listened to Democracy Now broadcasts for years, after graduating from NPR of course. day after day, i received snippets, sometimes more lengthy reportage, of the world’s news as filtered through Amy Goodman’s specific sort of gravelly tone that seems to define the handwringing […]



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